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Hi! 👋

I'm a proud soteropolitano - a person from Salvador, the capital city of Bahia, the first capital of Brazil. I love the beaches and the food from my hometown, clearly the best food in Brazil. If someday you visit Salvador, I strongly recommend you to try Abará and Acarajé, our delicious street food. Right now, I'm based in São Paulo, working as a Product Designer for Motorola.
I moved to São Paulo six years ago, as it is the best place to be a designer in Brazil. About a year later I shifted from graphic to UI design. At the time I wasn't so happy with my career, since I was only designing nice visuals for my clients. I wanted my design to improve the lives, make them easier.
As a UI designer, I was able to design for my clients and, most importantly, their users. I fell in love with my job, I finally found a way to design for the good.
I'm a fast learner and soon I also started to design the user experience for the projects I was involved. Later, my great results and my good relationship with my colleagues led me into a team leader.
To give back to the design community, I started to collaborate as a mentor at Awari - a UX design course. I mentor newcomers in user experience design, reviewing their course projects and giving tips for their new career. To be able to teach how to design in a user-centric way is really fulfilling, after all, knowledge is there to be shared, like 🍕.